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This Masterclass in a Nutshell:

  • The Inevitable Shift Into A De-centralized Economy

    Why big companies, billionaires and CEOs think that this is the biggest disruption in the 21st century and are pouring millions of dollars into this investment.

  • Automated Passive Returns System

    A step by step guide on how you can get higher investment returns predictably even in a recession.

  • ​The Bull Market Preparation Method

    I will show you our Bull Market Strategy which allows you to take advantage of the current crypto boom to profit handsomely just like me and my community did in the 2020 crypto bull market.

Date and Time:

01 August 2024 Thursday

8:00pm - 9:00pm



1st August 2024, Thursday (8:00pm - 9:00pm)*

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Meet Your Trainers

Chris Long

Cryptocurrency Analyst and Founder of

Cryptoknight Asia

  • Up till 2022, 4000% returns from cryptocurrency investments

  • ​MSc Applied Finance with Singapore Management University

  • Sole recipient of the 2015 Columbia Thread needle Investment Award

  • Former DCM banker for Multinational and Regional banks

  • ​Has a knack for simplifying the complex, identifying trends and helping people obtain investment insights

Aik Keong

Trainer & Mentor @ Cryptoknight Asia

  • Up till 2022, 600% returns from cryptocurrency investments

  • ​Graduate from Cryptoknight Program in 2017

  • Bsc(Hon) in Info Tech(E-comm) with Monash University

  • Passionate about investing, studying stock market and companies

  • ​Mentor and community manager of over 580 members in the Cryptoknight community

  • ​Skilled in portfolio management and wealth goal setting

Meet The Team

What started off as an intention to help his friends to get into Cryptocurrencies back in 2016, Chris now turned this passion into the longest-running crypto community in South East Asia since 2017

With expertise ranging from technical analysis, coin analysis and even NFTs, Chris' community have not only survived but thrived during the crypto bear market in 2018-2019, and collectively buying NFTs before the wave caught on.

Now Cryptoknight community aims to empower every individual to make informed decision when it comes to investing in this exciting market safely and profitably before this new form of currency goes mainstream

Who is this for?

Who is this for?This is perfect for you if you

  • ​If you are new to cryptocurrency and have seen all the hype surrounding it. You want to know what is cryptocurrency all about, at its core, and more importantly, how you can profit from it safely.

  • ​If you have invested in cryptocurrency but find yourself always guessing your buy or sell decisions, even constantly refreshing the price chart like a ‘slave’ to it. Then learn how you can make better and more informed decisions without being unnecessarily stressed or hooked to your investment.

  • Are ok with volatility and able to be in a stable state when the market turns against you

  • ​Don’t want to spend hours constantly watching youtube videos, reading up about certain coins and keeping up with the latest crypto trends, yet you want to be informed on news relevant to you, the opportunities that you can jump in on

  • ​Want to adopt a proven system that can take advantage of Crypto’s rise while at the same time protecting initial capital when it falls

  • ​Want something safe and fool-proof

Who is this not for? 
This is not for you if you

  • ​Cannot take too much volatility in the market(emotional, unstable etc)

  • Cannot follow simple instructions (and like to complicate things)

  • ​Have unrealistic expectations of getting huge returns overnight (like the very next day)

  • ​Does not take responsibility of own action and success

  • ​Close-minded and don't believe that investing in yourself (knowledge) will yield you the greatest returns

Just Look At What My Students Are Sharing With Me In The Longest Running Crypto School In Asia

"Whoever Attends This Class will Definitely Benefit"

"I think the most underrated skill that one must have in Crypto investing is portfolio risk management.

Managing your risk is key in handling such volatility, and Chris really nails it well

- Danny

"Chris's Method is Very Good for People with All Risk Appetites"

"Chris not only teaches what to look out for when investing, but also instill the skills of self-learning so that we have the mindset and experience to be an independent investor

- Jun An


"The Community Gives Me a lot of Insights & Opportunities"

"Chris gives us a very good grounding. I think it's very helpful for us to have this mentor, always there in the chat, to be ready and really reach out to us if there's any issues. Because Chris is a Singaporean as well, the program is tailored to how a Singaporean can actually start our journey in Crypto.

- Nicholas

"Chris is Completely Commited to Helping Students Understand & Learn Well"

"Chris is completely committed to help his students to understand, learn well and making sure that we can apply the learning. He even contacts me outside of classes to ensure that my issues are resolved. " 

- Leslie

"A Very Good Opportunity to Learn Crypto Investing"

"The beauty of this community is that it ranges from very very basic to complex, so you get a one-stop platform to access and grow from it. Plus Chris is very confident about his knowledge on crypto, thus giving his community added assurance in invest confidently"

- Sunny

"The Learning Continues After The Class, The Community Continues to Share Information"

"I learned a lot of new things from the community that I've never even read about and believe me, I actually do read daily news about Crypto. So it's definitely something that is very value-adding. Generally, all my crypto assets are up by 12% minimum.

- Steven

Software & Technology Industry

Community of Crypto Traders That EnsuresYou Will Never Trade Alone

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Online Masterclass Special!

Online Masterclass Special!

Receive a FREE PDF copy of the "Top 10 Crypto Guide" at the end of the webinar!

Q: What time do you need to turn up

Preferably 5 minutes before the actual time, the coaches will take some questions if you are lucky ^^

Q: Can I bring a friend?

Yes sure, but do let us know in advance or help them to register to make sure we have the seat reserved for them. Just share the link:

Q: I have never invested in crypto before and this is completely new, will this work for me?

Definitely, our online class is specially catered for people that have little to no experience in crypto. In fact, it’s easier for a newbie to grasps the fundamentals because they start on a clean slate

Q: I have invested in crypto already and is quite updated in the space, will this work for me?

Although this workshop is designed assuming that you have not invested before, we get the most raving compliments from experienced crypto investors! Why? Because it's only those who have hands-on experience that would truly appreciate how EASY and EFFECTIVE our system is. 

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